Mustard Seed Hill

Community Ventures recently acquired the former Millersburg Military institute, a military boarding school located in Millersburg, Kentucky. Once the economic center of the community, the buildings were abandoned when the school closed down. We set out to restore this campus, save the distressed buildings, and bring new life back to this once-thriving community. Today, we are proud to welcome guests, visitors, and residents of Millersburg to Mustard Seed Hill.

The story of the mustard seed is symbolic of how a small bit of faith can flourish into something great. This story has been imprinted on so many of those involved in this new venture. As a former military institute, this property welcomed hundreds of young men each year, men preparing to embark on a life of service and commitment. In the history of Community Ventures, so many individuals have brought their own ideas and visions to this place in hopes of seeing them come to fruition in an impactful way. For that people of Millersburg, Mustard Seed Hill can be that beacon in the community, the place where people come together to plant their own seeds of faith. Whether you’re gathering here to say “I do”, sending your children to the school to begin their academic journeys, or coming to us to help you start your own business in Millersburg, Mustard Seed Hill can be that starting point where your most important seeds are planted.

The campus hosts a small private school for local area students, another institution that grew out of something small. It is also home to the newly-renovated Allen House, a grand federal style home transformed into an ideal venue for weddings, receptions, banquets, and other special events. The Allen house is a scenic backdrop to the most important moments in our lives – young couples saying “I Do”, families celebrating milestone achievements, and the community coming together. Beyond the restored facilities at Mustard Seed Hill, this place represents the fertile ground of opportunity. With new Community Ventures offices opening located on site, people will find support in their goals of starting a business or owning a home. Here, you can bring your own seeds, and plant them alongside those of neighbors and friends. Together, we will watch them grow into mountains of realized dreams.

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