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Through counseling, education, and affordable lending, Community Ventures aims to build vibrant communities by helping our clients achieve their dream of homeownership.

Community Ventures is a HUD-certified housing counseling agency and a charter member of NeighborWorks America.

Whether you dream of buying a home, reducing your debt, or just want to better understand your finances, eHome America can help.

eHome America is a suite of online financial education products that offers affordable financial education to thousands of customers across the globe. These online courses help individuals get the education that they need at their convenience.

Learn more by visiting eHome America’s official website at: www.ehomeamerica.org.

mPact Pro Client Management System is a user-friendly, web-based platform that will effectively change the way agencies do business. mPact pro provides an efficient way to combine client communications, organizational tools, and data storage on a platform that is completely customizable, secure, and easy for users to navigate.

From idea to reality, regardless of your current client management or data management system, mPact Pro has set the bar higher with the newest in industry-standard migration tools. Now your agency can powerfully move forward into the next generation of client management without a loss in data integrity or reporting capability.

Fully Customizable to Facilitate All Your Needs… Creating the perfect toolbar for your agency’s needs with mPact Pro’s immersive and modifiable dashboard. Provide your employees with the tools that they use the most… right at their fingertips.

Stay Up to Date with the Best Intake Practices… Agencies who partner with mPact Pro will learn the best in industry practices, gain real-time updates to legislation and regulation, and have access to real industry professionals through live chat sessions during business hours.

Hold Yourself Accountable While Providing for Your Clients… Auditing has never been easier thanks to mPact Pro’s state-of-the-art, self-auditing algorithm which logs data entry, checks for reporting accuracy, and ensures compliance while correcting every, single error.

File Storage and Data Access at the Click of Button… With the mPact Pro license, agencies can have customized applications designed specifically for you to further enhance service delivery and drive greater results. Utilizing the Podio platform, agency staff will be able to file and store unlimited data; taking their business to the cloud.

Tools to Streamline Internal Communications… mPact Pro is a multi-faceted, integration service that can link Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 Business, and Office 365 Personal to help reorganize your suite of programs and keep everything in one place. mPact Pro will also make signing documents easier than ever with electronic document signature integration.

To learn more about mPact Pro or to schedule a demo, please visit their full website at mpactpro.org today!

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