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Restoring control of the neighborhood… to the neighborhood.

Did you know that only 29% of East End residents own their homes?

The East End needs more homeowners! Qualifying for home ownership is tough, borrowing money to purchase a home is complex, and maintaining a property can be a lot of work. But research has taught us that home ownership has the power to positively change your entire family tree and there is NO DOUBT that the hard work of home ownership is worth it. That’s why Community Ventures is doing whatever it takes to make the process easier to understand and undertake.

- We’re targeting current and former residents of the East End to become homeowners of this community.

- We’re using a construction/rehab team primarily made up of East End residents (let us know if you’ve got construction experience).

- We’ve assembled an advisory board of East End stakeholders who will give direction and accountability to the initiative.

We are relaunching our Lease-Purchase program with new counseling and coaching services that will help guide you towards financial health and significantly increase your chance of finally owning a piece of our amazing neighborhood. If you qualify for our program, you won’t have to wait to live in the home you desire - instead, you can rent these new or rehabilitated homes while you work towards financial health and ownership.

Benefits of Homeownership


- In an average year, 26% of renters will move, while only 4% of homeowners will relocate.


- Children in parent-owned households tend to have better academic performance and higher high school graduation rates.


- Areas with higher home ownership rates tend to have higher parental engagement and lower rates of child behavioral problems.


- Homeowners have higher rates of political awareness and community involvement.


- Life satisfaction and quality of physical health both go up with home ownership. Resident-owned neighborhoods have lower rates of teen pregnancy.


- Homeowners are less likely to become victims of crime.


- The average home owner is worth $225,000, while the average renter is only worth $5,000.

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Want to learn more about homeownership and whether it’s right for you?

Have questions about how Lease-Purchase works?

Then come see us TODAY! We’ll set you up with a financial coach to review your eligibility and explore the options that make the most sense for you and your family.

For more information, contact:

Jonathon “Smitty” Smith | Community Ventures | Director, East End Initiative | (859) 685-2187 | smitty@cvky.org