Buying a Home


Buying a home can be an exciting and intimidating process.

At Community Ventures, we strive to make the process as streamlined as possible so you can achieve your dream of home-ownership. If you need help securing a home loan, navigating the process of buying your first home, or improving your credit before you buy, Community Ventures is here to help you.

Community Ventures offers several mortgage programs, including the American Dream Loan Fund, a home loan designed for those who have been locked out of the mortgage market.


Community Ventures Corporation works with many first-time home-buyers who:

  1. Cannot qualify for home loans from traditional lenders
  2. Need down payment assistance
  3. Need help getting the best rate

Our mortgage financing division works with buyers to help them qualify for affordable loans, even if they have limited or poor credit history.

Our in-house financing program can provide down payment assistance for buyers who need a little extra help to close traditional home loans.

We work with a trusted network of traditional and non-traditional lenders to ensure that our clients are not subjected to sub-prime rates or forced into bad loans.


Community Ventures can provide down payment and closing cost assistance to low-income families who do not have sufficient funds for the up-front costs of buying a home.

A second mortgage with a reduced rate is given to home-buyers to fill the gap between the purchase price plus closing costs and the first mortgage. Rates and terms for these loans are established according to the individual home-buyer’s income, household size, and ability to pay to ensure long-term affordability.

Community Ventures also offers a Section 8 home ownership program through partnerships with local housing authorities. Free orientation is required.