Bluegrass Local Food

Community Ventures, through the Bluegrass Local Food Initiatives, aims to elevate locally grown and produced food opportunities in cutting edge and success-driven methods. We intend to integrate food-related businesses and consumers to enhance the quality of life, provide jobs, and bring a healthier environment to the people living in them.

Committed to listening to people affected by our food economy, we talked to chefs, restaurateurs, farmers, advocacy groups, academicians and researchers, food hub operators, kitchen incubators, processors, distributors, and, of course, people who like to eat!

We asked two ‘simple’ questions of these folks -

1. What are the gaps in the local food economy?

2. What infrastructure or programming might fill one or more of those gaps?

We got great ideas and innovative approaches to consider. And the list of possibilities is endless!

Bottom line? We are committed to strengthening local farmers’ access to distribution of their quality products and to providing increased local food access to citizens while impacting the local economy with jobs. Bluegrass Local Food Initiatives will develop plans to fill those gaps. We. Are. Local.

Link here to learn of Bluegrass Harvest, our newest approach to getting fresh local produce to people through their health providers.

Link here to learn about Chef Space, our kitchen incubator in Louisville, KY.

Bluegrass Local Food